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April 7th, 2021

Aldi Supplier Agreement

ASAs are audits of production facilities carried out by ALDI SOUTH staff, in collaboration with external accountants and supplier representatives, mainly in Bangladesh and China. Among these commitments, it is important to ensure that suppliers do not make financial commitments without Aldi having previously guaranteed costs and volumes, and that defaults remain stable throughout the year, in the absence of multi-buy transactions. Document Register Program (DRP) is used to send all official documents to suppliers by email. All emails you receive come from the DRP email address: document.register@aldi.co.uk Aldi asks all new suppliers to take care of the terms and conditions of sale and associated ancillary documents. These include the Code of Conduct for Food Supply, Irish Regulations and the Bribery Act 2010. In addition to the terms and conditions, you are invited to read a number of ancillary documents that contain more details on the daily policies for delivering goods to Aldi. Our requirements for suppliers and products are covered by the ALDI “Social Standards in Production” and other specific standards. With appropriate follow-up approaches, audits and training, we want to ensure that our suppliers can meet our needs. In this context, we work closely with our suppliers to achieve continuous improvements. Continuous improvement in the sustainability of our supply chain is a task we face with our suppliers. To achieve effective change, we must constantly improve our knowledge of our own supply chains and our understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with them.

That is why measures to improve transparency are at the heart of our initiatives. By evaluating the creative performance of our suppliers, we are taking an important step together to meet the growing challenges of the future. Q. What documents will I submit if I abstain for a supplier? Completed documents can be completed by e-mail to supplierinfo (at)aldi.us or by mail: The starting point of our CR performance evaluation program for suppliers is the verification of all available information about our trading partners and their production facilities. To evaluate the CR structure of our suppliers, we analyze a wide variety of information. We not only consider their VC plans and strategies, but we also question the human resources and organizational structures needed to implement our CR requirements. To verify this information, we use the lessons we have learned from site visits as part of our ALDI social assessments. These site visits are usually carried out by staff at our ALDI CR units in Hong Kong and Dhaka, in collaboration with independent accountants and supplier representatives.

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