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December 18th, 2020

Trademark And Domain Name Assignment Agreement

1. DOMAIN, NAMING AGREEMENT. A. Attribution of domain name. For a good and valuable consideration, payable to Closing, as described here in the following, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SELLER heresheser accepts intellectual PROPERTY SELLER`s right to transfer it to INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PURCHASER, the title and interest in and for the domain name “www.BusinessPatentCorp.com” and their registration, as well as their willingness to engage in an activity or business that are associated with such a domain name and are symbolized by it, including the trademark and service mark “Corp.com Corporate Patent” and any intellectual rights of intellectual property related to it, to the extent that such trademark or service rights exist. The transfer and assignment takes effect at closing, as this one on intellectual PROPERTY PURCHASER`S, which makes the planned payments. (1) Transfer of domain name. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SELLER has provided INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PURCHASER with all the necessary documents to justify the domain name and its registration, as well as the business will of the company linked to that domain name and symbolized by that domain name, including the trademark and service mark “Corp.com Corporate Patent” and any related intellectual property rights (to the extent that there is such a trademark , a service mark, or intellectual property right), which are transferred from the publisher of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SELLER to INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PURCHASER. These documents must not contain omissions and are fully executed by certified officers of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SELLER, so the only remaining step that INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PURCHASER must take to obtain the transfer of the domain name and registration of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SELLER to INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PURCHASER is the filing of such documents by INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PURCHASER with the relevant third parties. Business card and flyer distribution times to promote your business are quickly fading. Today, many aspects of running a business are done on the Internet, and with the right domain name, your business can be born or break up. Consider using a short, easy-to-say and eye-catching domain name for your customers.

The problem is – there is a good chance that the domain name you want has already been taken up. Don`t worry! Just because the name you want is already taken doesn`t mean you can`t buy it yet (although it may cost you a bit, especially if it`s popular). By law, domain names are considered personal property and can be purchased and sold like everything else. Whether you`re buying or selling a domain name, be sure to file it in writing with a domain name assignment. Other names for this document: Domain Name Transfer Agreement, Domain Name Purchase Agreement, Domain Name Assignment Agreement G. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PURCHASER has the exclusive right to use a domain name other than the corporate patent Corp.com or to add other intellectual PROPERTY PURCHASER websites own and stigmatized to Corp.com of business patent, subject to the provisions of this Agreement, including , but not limited to , the provisions of paragraph 4. If you`re ready to make an official presence on the web, the first thing you need is a domain name (or site address). A domain name assignment is like a sales invoice for a website and is required every time you buy or sell a website or domain name. With respect to the issuance of common shares, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SELLER represents and guarantees: (i) it is an “accredited investor” (within the meaning of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933 as amended (the “law”); (ii) it is aware that these common shares are “limited securities” subject to a transmission restriction and are not registered under the amended Securities Act of 1933; (iii) these common shares are acquired exclusively for intellectual PROPERTY SELLER`s own accounts and are not acquired for resale, splitting or distribution; and (iv) it has no contract, obligation, agreement or agreement with a person to sell, transfer or mortgage such common shares or common shares, and currently has no plans for such a contract,

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