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December 12th, 2020

Motion For Execution Of Barangay Compromise Agreement

(2) At the end of a six-month period, the transaction contract can be made by appeal to the district or district court. The local government code of 1991 (Republic Act 7160, Sections 399-422) provides for the creation of the tagapamayapa lupong in each Barangay. The Lupon President is responsible for mediating a complaint between the parties. If mediation efforts fail, the case will be referred to Pangkat ng Tagapagkasundo. By. 2. How it works. – the out-of-court settlement or the arbitration award may be carried out by execution within six (6) months from the date of the conclusion or date of receipt of the award or from the date on which the undertaking, as defined in the count or judged in the award, becomes due and applicable , by execution. At the end of this period, the transaction or decision may be carried out by the relevant local court in accordance with the applicable provisions of the court settlement. An out-of-court settlement in a case referred by the Court of Justice responsible for the case is enforced by that court. After careful consideration of the case`s records, including the parties` memorandums, we find the Court of Appeal`s reasonable conclusion in light of the circumstances of this controversy between neighbours. In addition, its involvement is in line with the spirit of the law to promote a quick and inexpensive resolution of disputes at the Barangay level.

The out-of-court settlement was already in effect and should have been respected. As a result, your aunt`s employee has the option to apply the object scheme they obtained before the Barangay, but only within six (6) months after the conclusion of such a transaction or by filing a legal action before the competent court. There are cases where the parties reach a settlement agreement (“Kazakh” or whatever it is) that must be written in a language or dialect known to the parties, signed by them and certified by the president of Pangkat. “If one party fails or refuses to respect the compromise, the other party can either impose the compromise or consider it abrogated and insist on its original request. Section 416 of Local Govermnent Code 8 See Article VII, paragraph 1, of the rules and regulations relating to the implementation of the Qatar Pambarangay Law. presents that – Petitioner, in its submission, 6 Rollo, 280-303., states that both the Board and the RTC made errors that they allowed the application to be filed with the MTCC within six months. The petitioner asserts that the application for execution should have been filed with the Lupon in accordance with Section 3-12 of Rule VII of the rules and regulations transposing the law of Qatar Pambarangay.

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